Watching guests interact after breakfast last weekend caused me to pause and smile at how many wonderful and unique guests we’ve had enter our doors in our 14 year inn keeping experience. This particular moment was definitely not uncommon, but it really made me think about why travelers should choose the bed and breakfast experience.


We had a couple from Germany who were wrapping up their trip in the US and heading to Denver for a few days.   They wanted to immerse themselves back into the urban life after spending several weeks enjoying the beauty and nature of traveling through the Teton-Yellowstone area and our Black Hills of South Dakota. It just so happened that we also had repeat guests from the Denver area, and what was striking to me was the willingness of our Denver guest to spend over a half hour discussing ideas of things to see and do, going over maps, and virtually being a tour guide for the German couple. When they left the table, they had a three-day itinerary planned out! In addition, the Denver couple gave them their contact information and they were going to try to meet up for dinner one night! All this stemmed from them just sitting and chatting at our common breakfast table.


My husband and I used to marvel at how guests would come together and be a bit quiet the first morning, but after two or three days it was like they were old friends. In our former B&B life we were in Penn State University football country. We had a couple from Chicago who would visit 5 or 6 times during the fall season, and my husband dubbed them “house parents” at our B&B. They were amazing in that if any of the other guests needed parking passes, tickets, advice, etc. they would always be of assistance. On more than one occasion they even invited our other guests to join their tailgate party before the game!


The bed and breakfast “experience” is just that! An experience! You get to meet and enjoy breakfast with guests from all over the world and all walks of life. They’ve either been to or are headed to some pretty amazing places, AND they love to share their experiences!


Planning your next trip? Why not stay at a bed and breakfast? Trust me!  You will meet some of the nicest people!


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