One of the many things that sets B&Bs apart from hotels is that each one is unique. Country or city, formal or homey, large or small, romantic or family, every bed and breakfast has something different and authentic to offer.
Then, there is breakfast. A big discriminator from hotels. And, as you can guess, B&Bs can be quite creative when it comes to what they serve and how they serve it. Here at White Tail Ridge, we serve breakfast the way we like it when we visit a B&B… family style, at one table, and one sitting. This a communal arrangement and gives our guests an opportunity to break bread together and get to know one another. Our food (chef’s choice) is down-to-earth home cooking that you don’t get at home.

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When booking your stay at a B&B, take a close look at their website to ensure their style matches what’s important to you. And if we offer that, please book with us! 605-939-5831.

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